Symposia Sessions

​Brain Symposia

  • Signaling mechanisms in local control of cerebral blood flow
  • Blood Brain Barrier and the Immunology of Stroke​
  • Pericytes in the Neurovascular Unit and During Neurovascular Coupling
  • Targeting spreading depolarizations in injured brain: triggers, modulators and causation
  • Energetic basis of resting function in the human brain
  • Neurovascular pathways to cognitive dysfunction and neurodegeneration​
  • Young Investigator Symposium
  • The Cerebral Microcirculation in Disease
  • Metabolic Pathways for Ischemic tolerance 
  • Exploring the dynamics of brain energy metabolism
  • Novel approaches to neuroprotection​

BrainPET Symposia

  • Frontiers in Brain PET Imaging

Special ​Sessions

  • Presidential Symposium
  • Special Symposium:  ​Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism: Highlights
  • The Niels Lassen Award
  • Plenary Lecture

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