The Niels Lassen Award

​​The Lassen Award is presented by the International Society for Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism to recognize an outstanding scientific contribution made by a young scientist. The recipient is selected by the Program Committee based on an abstract submitted for presentation at the biennial meeting of the Society.


To be eligible for the Niels Lassen Award, the applicant must be:
  • a member of the Society (ordinary or junior) 
  • less than 36 years of age at the time of the Award presentation 
  • the primary author of an abstract submitted for presentation at the Brain & BrainPet 2015 


The recipient of the Niels Lassen Award will be selected by the Program Committee of the Society based upon:
  • an indication on the abstract form that the primary author is eligible for the award 
  • exceptional quality of the submitted abstract, generally determined by receiving the highest score of all abstracts submitted by eligible members

Description of Award

The Niels Lassen Award will consist of:
  • a bursary to partially defray the expense of attending the Brain meeting 
  • an award ceremony prior to the abstract presentation 
  • a certificate of recognition 
  • $ 1,500 cash prize

Applications for the Niels Lassen Award are now being accepted.

​Application submission is now closed. 

How to apply

In order to complete the award application you will first need to submit an abstract to Brain 2015.

Step 1:
  • Please submit your abstract through the Brain & BrainPet 2015 Abstract Submission System. 
  • Once you abstract has been “Final Submitted” you will be able to log back into the submission pages to check your Reference Number. You will need your Reference Number (Abstract Number) and Abstract title for your application.
Step 2:
  • ​Please complete the Award Submission form. 
  • You will be required to upload the following documents:
    1. CV
    2. letter of recommendation from a Mentor or Supervisor
    3. proof of age (copy of passport)
    4. Brain 2015 abstract submission reference number and title.

The Niels Lassen Award has previously been received by:

2013 - Peiying Li, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

2011 - Virginia Newcombe, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

2009 - Alyson A. Miller, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

2007 - Kazuhiko Hayashi, Osaka Univ Graduate School of Medicine, Suita, Osaka, Japan

2005 - Kirsten Caesar, Dept of Med Physiology, Copenhagen University, Copenhagen, Denmark

2003 - Fahmeed Hyder, Dept of Diagnostic Radiology, Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA

2001 - Sylvain Doré, Departments of Anesthesiology/Critical Care Medicine & Neuroscience, Johns Hopkins School Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

1999 - Matthias Endres, Mass. General Hospital, Harvard University, Boston, USA & Exp. Neurology, Charite, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany​

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