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Make sure you won't miss this exciting event in beautifull Vancouver!

Who will attend ISCBFM 2015?

The profile of the primary target audience for BRAIN 2015 is a scientific researcher of neuroscience. 

Other interested specialists include those in the fields of radiology/imaging, neurology, neurosurgery, pharmacology and physiology.  

Brain 2015 is a research orientated symposium: Up to 88% of attendees are scientists, students and clinician researchers; ~86% specialise in neuroscience, neuroimaging and neurology; ~87% work in universities, university hospitals or research institutes. 

Have a look ​at the world regions from which our prevoius congress attendees came from:

World Regions2009 - Chicago2011 - Barcelona2013 - Shanghai
North America39947%34531%27130%
Western Europe27532%51145%20723%
East Asia & Pacific16319%23521%39944%
Eastern Europe111%182%172%
Middle East30%81%20%
Central & South America30%111%30%
Central Asia10% 0%10%

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